Thank you for connecting with us! We understand that visiting a new church

is an important move people do not make without a lot of thought.

Because our way of doing church will feel a little different, we want

to help you understand what you will experience at Redemption.


1 - Expect to hear about Jesus and the gospel. A lot.

Gospel clarity is our highest value. Seriously!


2 - Expect to be honest about your struggles and your story.

Vulnerability opens us up to God’s rescuing love in Jesus.

Weakness is our sweet spot!


3 - Expect a small gathering of people creating meaningful community.

We are at the beginning of our journey, looking forward to welcoming new people.


4 - Expect repeated invitations to engage in life-on-life relationships

with people beyond Sundays. Ragamuffins is a great place

to connect during the week.



Redemption Community Church meets at


Ragamuffins Coffee House

385 Main Street

Laurel, MD 20707


Worship Gatherings

Sundays at 10AM




Contact with any questions about our church!



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